frans-grayPresident – Frans Lawaetz
This Virgin Island native has been playing on the Charles since moving to Boston in 2000 – usually on a windsurfer or sailboat or running alongside the river on the Esplanade. By his estimation he has, via windsurfing, been immersed in the Charles at least fifty times. His day job involves systems integration and network security.

kate-grayRace Director – Kate Radville
Kate is a Massachusetts native and avid open water swimmer. She has participated in several Charles River Swims, and thrilled with the opportunity to be race director so that she can share her enthusiasm for the river and for open water swimming with the Boston community. Her open water adventures include swimming in the Hudson River, across Long Island Sound, and in the shallows of Walden Pond with her 2 and 4 year-old sidekicks (budding open water enthusiasts). When she isn’t swimming outside or with the Cambridge Masters Swim Club, she works as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

ullaVice President – Ulla Hester
Also not a Boston native, and thus not deterred by memories of the formerly dirty river water, Ulla came to Boston from Germany via California. After training in the Danube in Vienna, participating in the Alcatraz swim in San Francisco and swimming the Hudson River in New York City, the Charles River seemed like the logical next step. A swimmer, triathlete and chocolate lover in her spare time, she is an urban planner in her day job. Ulla currently swims with the Cambridge Masters team.

Tom Photo Under Water
Team Member -Tom Gastel
Tom lived in San Francisco where he would swim at an urban beach a short ten minute bike ride from work and when moving to Boston thought “why not here?” He hopes one day there will be a great song about the Charles River called “Love that Clean Water” and knows that the Charles River Swim is one step toward that goal. When not swimming Tom does architectural illustrations.