The race is comprised of four legs around three buoys. See Maps for an overview.

These images are provided for general guidance on the initial part of the leg.  Look up frequently to identify the buoy as you progress.

Listen carefully to the Race Director during pre-race announcements for additional information.

Sail boats in photos will not be present during race.

NOTE:  New sighting photos will be up soon!

LEG 1:
This is the race start.  You will head up-river towards the Mass Ave bridge.  Aim for the cluster of buildings on the right-side of the bridge.  The buoy is located a little less than half the distance to the bridge.


Make a right-turn around buoy 1 and head towards the right-side of the wide red striated building.


LEG 3:
Head towards the base of the Longfellow Bridge on the Boston side.  The buoy is in front of the right-most column on the Longfellow Bridge.

LEG 4:
Final leg back towards the dock.  Head just to the right of the Hancock tower (large silver-blue building)..