Images from the race and water polo match are now up! Click on Image Gallery above.

The Charles River Swimming Club, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization founded in 2005 with the dual purpose of organizing competitive swimming events in the Charles River and facilitating the return of public river swimming.  In 2007 the club held its first annual one mile swim in the Charles’ basin. This was the first sanctioned public swimming event in the river in over 50 years.

After decades of pollution, the Charles River has benefited from the ongoing Clean Charles River Initiative, which was started in 1995 to restore the river’s ecological health. The river is now clean enough on most summer days to meet swimming standards. The club aims to raise awareness of and celebrate the efforts that went into cleaning the river, as well as to highlight the need for continued clean-up to enable recreational swimming in the future.

Not sure about swimming but interested in helping out with our annual swim?  Please send us an email at!

Find out more about the ecological health of the Charles River by browsing our Charles River page.  We thank our Sponsors who help make the race possible!

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