About Us

The Charles River Swimming Club, Inc. was founded by a small group of Charles River enthusiasts in 2005 with the following mission statement:

1. To organize annual competitive swimming events in the Charles River.

The CRSC coordinates an annual mile-long river swim and hopes to organize other events in the future both for club members and general participants.

2. To serve as an advisory group to the municipalities abutting the Charles River regarding swimming in the Charles.

The CRSC intends to represent swimmers’ interests to the city regarding the development of swim platforms and similar matters.

To recognize and promote the ongoing efforts at rehabilitating the Charles.

The dramatic improvement in the river’s water quality has been due to a combination of work by the EPA, MWRA, DCR, and a number of non-profit organizations such as the Charles River Watershed Association. The CRSC’s existence is an ongoing salute to their work.

In short, we are big fans of the Charles and are working hard to make the river a favorite swimming spot for Massachusetts.

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