Press Releases

First Swimming Race to be held in the Charles River (Press Release, September 5, 2006)

In the News

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Swimmers plunge into that (somewhat) dirty water (Cambridge Chronicle, July 23, 2007)

A Boston River Now (Mostly) Fit for Swimming (New York Times, July 22, 2007)

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Cleaned-up Charles can host swimmers (Boston Globe, July 21 2007)

Swimming in the Charles is a Go (New England Sports Magazine, July 20 2007)

Again Algae May Spoil Charles Swim (Boston Globe, July 19 2007 )

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Charles swim canceled (Boston Globe, September 9, 2006)

First Charles River Swim in jeopardy (Beacon Hill Times, September 5, 2006)

Swimmers line up to compete in Charles not-so-dirty water (Boston Globe, August 6, 2006)

For Charles, a mile-swim marker. As River detoxifies, a race is proposed (Boston Globe, May 29, 2006)

Swimmer proposes a race for newly detoxed river (Boston Globe, May 29, 2006)